Air Conditioner Repair Los Angeles

Air Conditioner Repair Los Angeles

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Looking for air conditioner repair Los Angeles service? Then iFix Appliances should top your list. Whether it is maintenance, repair or replacement, iFix Appliances offers high-quality and result-oriented AC/HVAC Repair Service LA for utmost satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing air conditioner repair Los Angeles services to our customers, while ensuring guaranteed and hassle-free services.

Is it ducted or split AC system? Our team of expert technicians has a rich experience in repairing all types and brands of air conditioners. They’ll check all components of your system, diagnose what went wrong, and offer expert advice on the most affordable solution to your air conditioning problems.

At iFix Appliances, we are passionate about our AC and HVAC repair LA services, and will take care of everything needed to ensure the comfort of your home or business. Contact us today to help you with any issues that may arise, and we’ll be there to help when you need us.

Same-Day AC/HVAC Repair Service LA

Air conditioners are probably one of man's greatest inventions. If you're one of those people who use an AC /HVAC or need air conditioner repair service in Los Angeles, you'll know what we are talking about. However, if you need your AC to function as long as possible and without trouble, you will have to service them regularly and maintain them.

Like any other appliance that you use at home, an air conditioner also loses its efficiency over a period of time. If not cared for, they can cause a lot of problems from poor cooling to hiked up electricity bills. Fortunately, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as iFix Appliances technicians will take care of all your maintenance requirements. We conduct periodic checks and carry out all the necessary service requirements such as cleaning, tune ups, damage prevention and so on.

Apart from our regular AC repair installation and maintenance, we also undertake HVAC repair services. Since air conditioners are complicated pieces of equipment, problems can arise even if you service them regularly. For instance, the tripping of a circuit wire or the blowing of a fuse can lead to condenser damage, resulting in your air conditioner losing its cooling abilities. Another common problem is thermostat damage which can prevent the AC from working at all.

Luckily, iFix Appliances can help you fix these issues without any trouble. Our experience with AC / HVAC repairs is time tested and our ac technicians are some of the most skilled in the industry. They can deal with any kind of air conditioner problems and also, work with any brand including Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Midea, and the list goes on.

How Air Conditioners Work

An air conditioning system pumps heat out of your home and have some components in common with refrigerators and freezers: compressors, condensers, evaporators, and motors. There are two types of central air conditioners: the package system and the split system. The package system has the compressor, outdoor coil, fan, and blower motors in the same housing outside the home. It is connected to the ducts in the home through an outside wall. The split system has the compressor, fan motor, and coil outdoors. The coil and blower motor is indoors and refrigerant lines run between the two sections. Central air conditioners deliver the cooled air by the means of a powerful blower or ductwork.

What to Do When Your Air Conditioning System Acts Up

  • Make sure electrical power is turned on.
  • Check the settings on the thermostat. Those need to be set to “cool” and “auto”. Fan switch needs to be set on “auto” or “on” for continuous operation.
  • Make sure the setting is below room temperature.
  • Make sure the setting is below room temperature.
  • Check if filters are clean: dirty filters are more common cause of inadequate cooling.

Maintenance Tips for a Central Air Conditioner

  • Never use the outdoor coil as a stand for garden hoses and tools.
  • Keep the outdoor coil clean and free of grass clippings, weeds, and other debris.
  • Don’t cover an outdoor unit with any all-weather cover unless is instructed.

Benefits of iFix Appliances HVAC Repair Service LA Service

If you ever need appliance repair service in Los Angeles, especially with regard to air conditioner repair, then do call iFix Appliance Repair because we can provide the following benefits:

Preventive measures: Our AC appliance service and maintenance program caters to preventive checkups as well. Apart from tuning up and cleaning your AC unit, we will also check for warning signs of future issues. If there are possible chances of future damage or issues, we will immediately do the needful to fix the problem.

Trained personnel: As mentioned earlier, our staff is highly skilled at air conditioner appliance repair in Los Angeles. They have the right experience, the right knowledge and also, the right equipment to deal with all appliance repairs.

Multi-locational availability: We provide AC repair and maintenance services for multiple locations. So if you need air conditioner repair Los Angeles service or HVAC maintenance in Santa Monica, we'll be there. Our other locations include Brentwood, Malibu, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and Glendale.

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